On Thursday July 31, 2014, a delegation led by Angela Dadson (formerly of the Office of the Okyenhene) made a donation of assorted medical supplies on behalf of the Okyeman Association of New England, Worcester, MA.

She was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Asiamah, members of the Association in good standing; Mr. Kofi Gyimah and Mr. Kwadwo Addo-Boateng, both of the Office of Okyenhene; and Okyeame Kwabena Asare, representing Ofori Panin Fie, Kyebi. In a brief ceremony to receive the donation, the Medical Superintendent of Kyebi Gov’t Hospital, Dr. Yaw Okyere, flung by the hospital administrator, chief nursing matron, and nurses, welcomed the delegation on behalf of both hospitals. Mr. Asiamah introduced the Association, and explained the purpose of the visit. He presented the items to the heads of the hospitals, intimating hopes that the items would be put to good and appropriate use.

Angela spoke briefly about the efforts of the Okyeman Association of New England, listing some beneficiaries of their previous donations including the Osenase Children’s Home; the Dwenase Youth Club/Library; the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies (UCAES), among others. She reminded the two medical teams that some of the supplies were donations the Association may have in turn received from other institutions, and therefore could not help the contented. She also added that proactive as the Association had proven to be, if either hospital communicated specific requirements, they would try as best they could to secure such items.

She commended the Association for their continued effort to make a difference in their indigenous communities in Ghana.

Dr. Kobena Awotwe Wiredu, Medical Superintendent of Oda District Hospital, who was accompanied by the deputy chief nursing matron and the hospital administrator, expressed deep gratitude for the Association’s effort and thoughtfulness. He said with government input being so low, such donations were most helpful in their own effort to deliver quality and affordable healthcare to the simple people.

He pointed out that the hospitals sometimes failed to use some of the supplies donated, not because it was not useful, but that they often found the items unfamiliar and could not operate them. He therefore petitioned that whenever possible, persons with technical knowledge be made to accompany such donations to teach the hospital staff how to use the items. Mr. Asiamah assured the parties that one of the reasons why the Association required photographic evidence of the donation changing hands was to provide as evidence to the donors that the materials had indeed been given as charity. That way, it was easy to make more requests. He promised to discuss with his members the request for technical support.

Delivering the vote of thanks, the chief nursing matron of the Kyebi Gov’t Hospital, Madam Mary Atipo, praised the efforts of the Association and hoped a relationship would be forged. She recommended the adoption of wards at the hospital, saying that would also help guide the Association on specific needs so that their donations would be more streamlined.


Source & Photo Credits: Okeyemanma