The 1995/97 Alumni Year Group of St. Peter’s Old Boys Association commissioned a National Science and Maths Quiz Learning Center for St. Peter’s Senior High School (Persco) at Kwahu Nkwatia in Ghana’s Eastern Region. Funded with contributions from the 1995/1997 Year Group, the Center is fitted with computers and servers, and has been set up for the training, researching, mentoring and preparation of the school’s representatives at the prestigious National Science and Maths Quiz Competition.

The Organizer of the 1995/1997 Year Group Mr. Kwasi Boateng told Citi News that the Center will help improve the teaching and learning of science at the school. Mr. Boateng noted that the alumni group recognized that Persco had become a brand in itself and that the National Science and Maths Quiz had become on of the platforms that was taking the school to the top nationally and internationally. He said the group funded the infrastructure so the school’s representatives at the competition will have the resources to conduct research and have the conducive environment to keep a focused mind during preparation for the competition.

“Gone were the days when it was more theory, but these days when they [quiz representatives] see these things graphically, it helps them in terms of the memory and we are sure it’s going to be a beneficial outfit [facility] to help them to win this time [around].”

Mr. Kwasi Boateng | Organizer, 1995/1997 Year Group of PERSCOBA

Mr. Boateng underlined the strong connection between the alumni year group and quiz contestants. He described that relationship as important to boosting the morale and confidence of the contestants to enable them win the national contest in 2021. Headmaster of St. Peter’s Senior High school Mr. Owusu Aduonum thanked the 1995/97 Year Group for the funding the project, which he described as an instant morale booster for the “quiz boys” in their preparation for the national contest. He pledged to do everything possible to bring the trophy back to Persco.

At the time of processing this alumni entry for publishing in the Aistiphi Gazette, St. Peter’s Senior High School had emerged the winner in the Eastern Regional Competition after eliminating Pope John’s Senior High School and Koforidua Secondary Technical School in the regional finals.