PLEDGE Ghana, working in partnership with UNICEF, reached out to some 1,300 school dropouts in Ashanti Region to help them get re-enrolled back at school. A thousand of them were enrolled in basic/elementary school while 300 were enrolled in technical and vocational training institutes.

Re-enrollees at basic schools were provided school uniforms, school bags, footwear, books and other school supplies. Students enrolled at vocational/ technical schools were give sewing machines, hair dryers and protective gears as appropriate to support their practical training.

In addition, PLEDGE Ghana is collaborating with National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) to provide livelihood skill training and financial literacy programs to parents of beneficiaries to enable the parents earn a livelihood to support their families.

Executive Director of PLEDGE Ghana Mr. David Atiga said helping the vulnerable to access education has been the NGOs commitment and passion. Mr. Atiga explained that PLEDGE Ghana assists children who drop out of school to pursue hazardous livelihood activities and helps to get them back to the classroom. PLEDGE Ghana works with the Department of social Welfare to gather needed data of children so it could provide them the needed assistance.

PLEDGE Ghana currently operates in Ashanti and Upper West Regions and plans to support 2,600 school children stay in the classroom.

Credits: |Ibrahim Abubakar