Process and Plant Automation Ltd and its Chinese partner, Chint provided a solar plant to Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE). The 10KWh grid-tied solar photovoltaic panels will generate at least 40KWh of energy a day, saving the institute at least 40 units of electricity use a day.

Regional Manager for Chint West Asia and Africa Mr. Gary Gan described the gift as part of the company’s ‘Turn on the Love’ program. Mr. Gan noted that Ghana’s tropical location provides its high levels of direct solar radiation daily all year round. He observed that this constitutes a large untapped reserve of energy that could be exploited to produce energy to ameliorate persistent energy crises in Ghana.

CEO of Process and Plant Mr. Kweku Asmah said going solar was very affordable and that it remained one of the most cost-effective sources of energy. Executive Director of Ghana Institution of Engineering Mr. Kwabena Agyepong commended the donation and recognized it came in timely.

Mr. Agyepong estimated that by going solar, the institution would save 60 percent of its yearly electricity cost. He explained that GhIE plans to move completely off-grid, have solar as primary source of energy and rather resort to power supply from the national grid as energy backup.