Prudential Bank Limited (PBL) donated 10 computers and accessories to the Judicial Service of Ghana. The gift is the Bank’s contribution and support for an ongoing modernization drive of the Judicial Service. In remarks at the donation event in Accra, Mr. John K. Addo, Managing Director of Prudential Bank Limited, noted that the bank recognized the importance of deploying technology in the administration of justice in Ghana. Mr. Addo commended Chief Justice Anin Yeboah on his vision of modernizing Ghana’s legal system.

“We align ourselves with the modernization drive because we recognize the need for the Judiciary, as the third arm of government, to be abreast with technological advancements and to be adequately resourced in the delivery of justice in this country.”

Mr. John K. Addo | Managing Director, Prudential Bank

Mr. Addo said Prudential Bank believed in giving back to society by identifying such needs and providing relevant support. He appealed to like-minded businesses to support the Judicial Service in their pursuit of this cause. Chief Justice Anin Yeboah received the computers on behalf of the Judicial Service and expressed appreciation to the Management of Prudential Bank for the support.