The Rotary Club of Ho partnered with the Forestry Commission to plant 950 tree seedlings along the stretch from the Youth Resource Centre, which is under construction to Mawuli School in Ho. Some forty participants drawn from club and the Commission’s staff were involved in planting and caging the trees.



President of Rotary Club of Ho Mr. Kartey Kumordji said the initiative falls under one of Rotary Club’s six thematic focus areas: ‘economic and community development’. President Kumordji said club members noticed the increasing spate of development, which is quickly replacing the trees that once canopied nearly all streets of the Ho township.


Besides the removal of green cover, Mr. Kumordji also observed that rising vehicular emission caused by the the rising number of cars on roads was causing further problems. He observed that Ho Township was becoming hotter by the day and Rotarians realised they needed to take action and contribute to curbing the impact of climate change and global warming in their own small way.


Mr. George Agbenorwoshi, District Manager of the Forestry Commission praised the Rotary Club of Ho for the initiative to plant trees. Mr. Agbenorwoshi said people did not usually partner with the Forestry Commission when undertaking tree planting exercises for which reason planted trees barely survive because planting expertise was missing at the first instance.

Mr. Agbenorwoshi seized the occasion to draw attention to the Kabakaba Forest Reserve, which is being encroached upon with impunity and called on the Municipal Assembly to take urgent action to prevent further loss of the forest reserve.

Credits: CitiNewsRoom | Godwin Akweiteh Allotey