Royal Senchi Hotel planted 17 tree seedlings at the premises of the waterfront resourt and in the coutyard of the Akwamu Royal Palace at Akosombo in Ghana’s Eastern Region. The initiative was held in support of the nationwide Green Ghana Project, an initiative of the Government of Ghana, which aims at planting at least 5 million nationwide. The tree planting exercise will also add to the Royal Senchi Hotel’s reserve of natural and man-grown flora for the purposes of beautification and eco-preservation.

General Manager of Royal Senchi Mr. Gerard Schraven said the national greening campaign announced by the president resonated with Royal Senchi’s commitment to environment-friendly practices, hence the decision to support the initiative. Two important personalities joined the Royal Senchi Hotel team in the tree-planting exercise: Climate Change Ambassador and reggae dancehall artist Mr. Livingstone Etse Satekla (Stonebwoy) and Ghanaian-British Entrepreneur Mrs. Dentaa Amoateng, MBE.

In remarks made at the tree planting event, Mr. Satekla endorsed the government’s greening initiative and highlighted its importance in helping undo the effects of harmful practices on the environment.

“My family, my team, and I feel very honoured to be hosted by Royal Senchi and [to be] offered the opportunity to do my bit in this tree planting initiative…As a climate change ambassador, I believe so much in giving back to the environment what we take from it, and so my being part of this exercise is very intentional and only reaffirms my commitment to it.”

Mr. Livingstone Etse Satekla (Stonebwoy) | Climate Change Ambassador, reggae dancehall artist

Mr. Satekla appealed to Ghanaians to not view the government initiative through political lenses but to embrace it to save the environment, noting that trees had medicinal and shelter value among other life-sustaining benefits. He also called for Ghanaians to preserve the country’s natural endowments and patronize domestic tourism to help grow the sector and local economies.