Sankofa Medical Charities, a medical charity based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, donated a dialysis machine and five dialysis treatment chairs worth $20,000 to the Dialysis Unit of Tamale Teaching Hospital in Tamale in Ghana’s Northern Region. The donated equipment will boost the Dialysis Unit’s capacity to provide better services for patients with chronic and kidney-related diseases.

A Representative of Sankofa Medical Charities in Ghana, Dr. Majeed Adams said Kidney diseases have been a a major public health issue in the Northern Region of Ghana, which makes Tamale Teaching Hospital one of the health facilities that are in need of support to enable them provide better services to patients. Tamale Teaching Hospital is the largest referral hospital serving residents of Ghana’s northern regions and parts of Bono and Oti Regions.

“Kidney problems are now a lot in this community, so, I think this will serve a lot of purpose here not only Tamale but the other regions can also benefit from this. This is our first first time and we plan to do more.”

Currently, Tamale Teaching Hospital serves an average of 25 patients with kidney problems every day and has some 58 patients between the ages of 12 and 85 years on dialysis. The means the donation had come in a time the Tamale Teaching Hospital was hard pressed with equipment and machines needed to manage the high number of patients in care.

The Northern Regional Minister Mr. Shaibu Alhassan Shani received the equipment and thanked Sankofa Medical Charities, noting that such forms of support were useful in complementing the efforts of government to resource hospitals.

The Director of Medical Affairs at Tamale Teaching Hospital, Dr. Abass Adam, commended Sankofa Medical Charities for the kind support. He said the donated chairs would be a welcome relief for patients, who prior to the donation had to sit on their hospital beds to receive treatment – a situation that caused stress and discomfort to patients.

“Patients used to sit on their beds for dialysis and this caused waist pains if you sat for a long time on something which is not a normal seat. These are ideal chairs for dialysis. You cannot get anything better than this. Our dialysis unit has been upgraded today to a nearly world standard and it is supposed to reduce the cost of treatment.”

Dr. Abass Adam | Director of Medical Affairs, Tamale Teaching Hospital

Hospital admissions of kidney cases are on the rise in Ghana. Unfortunately, 75 percent of patients report in late stages of the diseases leading to the death of about 50 percent of patients admitted with kidney disease.