Shout Africa Foundation and its affiliate, Future of Ghana-Germany, collaborated with the Special Education Division of the Ghana Education Service to train public school teachers in the teaching of special needs students alongside regular students. President of Shout Africa Foundation Mr. Jimmy Eko- Acquah said the goal of the capacity building project was to focus on teacher development in Ghana and improve curricula and teaching standards. “With this program, we hope to improve standards of our schools to accommodate students with special educational needs,” Mr. Eko-Acquah said.

President of Future Ghana-Germany Mr. Tanja Scheffler called on NGOs, businesses and philanthropic individuals to support to efforts of Ghana’s Ministry of Education to promote inclusive education because some teachers and guardians lacked awareness and information about how to handle children with certain disabilities, which rendered them vulnerable to discrimination.

“I think the time has come to create more awareness, information, and patronage of the subject of disability and inclusion in our societies. We need to work hard to erase discrimination among others moving forward.”

Mr. Tanja Scheffler | President, Future Ghana- Germany

The program is sponsored by GIZ-CIM in Ghana and will bring professional trainers from both Ghana and Germany engage with each other, share knowledge and develop a professional training manual. The program organizers will cap the engagement with an Inclusion Awareness Festival on October 9, 2021 at the Base Lounge, Cantonments, Accra. The festival will offer a platform for education stakeholders to interact and engage on inclusive education.

Ghana’s Minister of Education Dr. Yaw Adutwum commended the initiative and Shout Africa Foundation. “I am overwhelmed to see an NGO picking up such a challenge to improve our education sector for good. We hope this partnership will go a long way to improve our educational system now and in the future. We are indeed grateful to Shout Africa Foundation,” Dr. Adutwum said.

The Inclusive Education policy Provides a strategic path for the education of all children with special educational needs and was formulated based on provisions in the 1992 Constitution, the National Development Agenda, the Education Strategic Plan, and commitments to achieve national and international goals for creating an environment for addressing the diverse educational needs of Ghanaians.