UK-based nonprofit group Standing Together Against Child Abuse and Neglect (STACAN) provided supplies of rice, toiletries, soft drinks, detergents and bottled water and other essentials to Dzorwulu Special School. Founder of STACAN Ms. Elsie Owusu-Kumi, who is also a social worker, said the outreach to the Special School was part of STACAN’s commitment to protect the welfare and well -being of children.

Country Director of STACAN Ms. Georgina Boateng explained that the Dzorwulu Special School was selected for assistance because the special role the school plays in educating children with special needs. The purpose of STACAN was to promote the well-being of children and address children’s peculiar interests by creating awareness and influencing policy change.

Headmaster of Dzorwulu Special School Mr. Frederick Tetteh thanked STACAN for their thoughtfulness and kindness. Mr. Tetteh noted that because children represented the future, they needed all the support to get them developing in the right direction.

STACAN educates and empowers children and child welfare stakeholders by creating an awareness about child abuse and neglect. The nonprofit equips parents, caregivers, child care professionals with the requisite information, skills and knowledge. Areas and topical interests to STACAN include of interest include female genital mutilation, child sexual abuse and exploitation, child marriage, faith-related abuse, internet safety, mental health and well-being of children, child labour and child trafficking.

Credits: | Ebo Hawkson