Surfline Communications Ltd. donated Internet routers and data bundles to the Senior Correctional Centre (James Camp Prisons) at Roman Ridge in Accra.

The Senior Correctional Centre is the only functional correctional facility for juvenile offenders in the country, with the mandate to reform juvenile offenders committed to it.

Deputy Director of Prisons Al-Hassan N. Nihii said the acquiring and development of  skills in Information Communication Technology (ICT) was identified by management as pivotal to making the juveniles committed to the centre functional, relevant and resourceful in the community upon discharge.

The donated routers and data package from Surfline were intended to support the innovative ICT education program at the centre.

Acting Commercial Director of Surfline, Mr. Jacob Plange-Rhule said the outreach was consistent with Surfline’s Community Engagement Support Programme through which institutions get support to acquire and improve ICT skills.