SySmex West and Central Africa donated an infrared vein finder to the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi. The hospital says the equipment is critical in emergency healthcare delivery and will help prevent fatalities that occur due to delays in finding patients’ veins for infusion or intravenous cannula.

At the giving event in Sekondi, the Country Sales Manager of Sysmex Mr. Mustapha Abari said the company was aware of the difficulties medical personnel often went through in finding the veins of patients for treatment. Mr. Abari said using the right equipment in such situations help mitigate challenges that healthcare institutions face during therapy.

“Seeking a vein is a basic practice among medical practitioners across the world, especially during emergencies, as it could be the defining moment between life and death in critically ill patients,” Mr. Abari said.

Mr. Abari said the world was advancing at a faster pace with technology, amking the use of the vein finder necessary in all healthcare facilities to help save lives and also ease pressure on health workers. Mr. Abari said Sysmex was working with many health institutions and was looking forward to supporting them with advanced technology and equipment.

The Medical Director of Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital Dr. Joe Kojo Tambil commended Sysmex for the support. Dr. Tambil said medical teams at the Emergency, Paediatric and Obstetrics units sometimes found it difficult to locate the veins of patients during therapy sessions.

“It is sad to say that in some cases, it becomes a struggle for medics to find a vein and the patient dies, unfortunately,” Dr. Tambil said.

Dr. Tambil noted that with the vein finder, it would now be easier to locate veins on patients who reported at the hospital with collapsed veins, patients who lose so much blood and need urgent attention, obese patients and patients who have darker skin complexion.

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