Tema Senior Staff Union of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority visited and interacted extensively with children in the care of Becky’s Foundation, an orphanage in Senya Beraku in the Central Region.

The staff union also donated a microwave oven, educational supplies, clothing, toiletries and food supplies to Becky’s Foundation.

The Union collaborated with Global Streets Foundation, who assisted beneficiary needs analysis, identification and targeting.

Chairman of the Tema Senior Staff Union Mr. John Aseeph explained that the union chose the 14th of February to share love with vulnerable children.

Mr. Aseeph noted that the union decided to reach out vulnerable children in areas outside of Accra, areas which rarely get philanthropic support because of their remoteness from major urban centres.

Mr. Seth Aseidu, Director of Becky’s Foundation, expressed gratitude to the Tema Senior Staff Union of GPHA. Mr. Asiedu also appealed to other organizations for support to addressed the needs of the vulnerable children and to help give them hope for life.

Credits: Eye on Port