University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) Alumni Association held a public health and medical screening outreach for residents of the Good Shepherd Orphanage at Ofankor in Accra. STandOut Care supported the initiative with a team of health professionals who provided health education, general consultation, mass deworming, dietary assessment and counseling and administered medicines and supplements. The team also conducted tests for Hepatitis B, HIV /AIDS, blood sugar haemoglobin, blood pressure check and Body Mass Index assessment. In addition, the UGBS Alumni team donated a package of essential supplies that included rice, lunch meals, biscuits, yoghurt, paper towels, toilet rolls, toys and first aid supplies. The visiting alumni team engaged the children at the orphanage in fun activities.

The initiative was part of the alumni group’s commitment to give back to society by supporting children in need. First Vice President of UGBS Alumni Association, Mr. Richard Kofi Afenu, Esq. affirmed the group’s commitment to providing for people in need in society, especially orphaned children who depend on donated supplies their daily upkeep. “This means that if people like us do not come here as often as possible, there is the possibility of food and groceries shortage [occurring] here [as a result,” Mr. Afenu added. He emphasized the need to reach out and show love to the the socially underprivileged, especially orphans.

“It is very prudent that people realize that giving to loved ones is very important, but the greatest gift you can give is to someone who cannot pay you back or reciprocate the love you give them in anyway. This form of giving, though may look little in your sight, could change the lives of people forever. So if we need change, we have to start from somewhere.”

Mr. Richard Kofi Afenu, Esq. | First Vice President, UGBS Alumni Association

Over the past four years, the UGBS Alumni Association has reached out to assist communities in Accra and plans to extend its assistant to communities in other regions of Ghana. Head of the Medical Team from STandOut Care Dr. Patrick Fynn said it was very important for children to receive regular medical screening for their overall growth and proper development. StandOut Care is a subsidized mobile clinic that provides medications, health professionals and mass medical outreach to organisations, churches and individuals who want to extend medical screenings to their communities. The organization also provides one-on-one home care services as well as telemedicine services.

Head of the Good Shepherd Orphanage Rev. Nimako Boateng expressed gratitude to the UGBS Alumni Association team for their kind gesture.

“We are happy you drove through town to visit, not worried about contracting the virus, all for the love you have for us. The pandemic has affected us all and even though we are not a business, the businesses, NGOs and Civil Society Organsiations that donate to us regularly have been affected greatly and this has come a long way to bite us in terms of the donations we receive. So we are very grateful that despite this, you still came through for us. Thank you.”