Uniliver Ghana’s ‘Key Soap Obaatanpa campaign’ gave out free packages of its soap products to 5,000 mothers selected from various backgrounds including hospitals, churches, teachers and caregivers, Muslim communities and Policewomen. The gift outreach was meant to recognize the efforts of women in caring for the home and ensuring clean clothes with the use of Key Soap, a popular laundry soap in the Unilever line of products.

Unilever believes mothers need the utmost recognition for they roles the crucial role they play during the COVID era in ensuring the safety of families, doubling as teachers and caregivers while being enterprising in earning income for families. Speaking at an event to give out gift rewards to mothers at a selected hospital in Accra, Brands Manager-Key and Sunlight, Mrs. Ewuraba Ekua Adusei underlined the special role of mothers in Ghanaian society:

Being a mom is a lifelong journey of ensuring the family is well cared for, groomed and educated. Mothers’ Day is a day set aside to honour mothers and show them how much they are valued within the family. It is also a day to celebrate motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society…

“The Ghanaian mother has helped to nurture our children and trained them to become essential partners in the building of our nation, Ghana…They have also ensured that our good traditions have been passed on from generation to generation. This is the very essence of the ‘Key’ brand purpose.”

Mrs. Adusei observed that the Key brand, with its iconic popular bar Key soap, had become the dependable partner for most Ghanaian mothers who are concerned about how their family express themselves through their clothes:

The Ghanaian mother ensures her family steps out in confidence, and Key has provided that affordable soap bar suitable for the whole family’s laundry. As the traditional mother (Obaatanpa) of all bar soaps, mothers’ day is therefore one of the relevant moments for the Key brand.”