The University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) Global Alumni Association reached out to give back to Ms. Augustina Mantey (also known as Auntie Efua) for the services she rendered for the alumni while they were students at the Institute of Professional Studies (now University of Professional Studies). Ms. Mantey received a fully stocked stationery shop worth GHS10,555, a mobile phone, a bank account opened in her name, GHS5,000 in treasury bills and an Accountant at her disposal to assist with proper bookkeeping.

Alumni Coordinator Mr. Francis Dadzie (1989 Year Group) recalled stories of outstanding service Ms. Augustina Manety rendered to students, including fetching water, doing laundries and running a variety of errands among others. Mr. Dadzie said the alumni were appreciative of the loyal services she provided and believed it was now time to give back to her for her diligent service.

Ms. Augustina Mantey appreciated the extraordinary kindness of the Global Alumni Association and commended them for remembering and honouring her. In her remarks, she stressed the importance of service with diligence, noting that it always pays off in the end. The donation event was witnessed an alumni delegation including Mr. Francis Dadzie 1989, Alumni Coordinator, Mr. Ernest Boateng Wiafe 1988, Mr. Kwame Manu Debrah 1989, and Mr. Albert Oteng-Owusu 1990.

The University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) Global Alumni Association has been actively mobilizing to give back to its alma mater and Ghana as a whole. The association contributed to the Vice Chancellor’s Endowment Fund to support brilliant and needy students, sponsored academic prizes, held student mentoring programs and contributed to the national discourse on salient matters.