The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gave a 25-seater boat to the Ghana Health Service to help serve island communities in the Volta Region.

The pontoon is expected to provide life-saving services to historically hard-to-reach 141 island communities in Kpando, Krachi West and Biakoye Districts.

The boat service will also enable healthcare providers to deliver services to island communities and transfer referral patients to health facilities on the mainland.

Health-boatFurther, the service will help deliver essential health commodities, support health-related immunization campaigns, and provide disaster relief on the islands.

USAID Ghana Mission Director Ms. Sharon Cromer urged community members to be active participants in healthcare services, noting that ultimately, the success of CHPS is rooted in community ownership and self-reliance.

Ms. Cromer noted that it was the responsibility of every citizen to be engaged in CHPS services and that that responsibility included the proper maintenance of the boat and the CHPS compound where the people accessed care.

The boat was locally made with a secure structural design and could well serve as blueprint for the manufacture of future medical boats in the country.