World Vision Ghana (WVG), in partnership with the Government of Australia, provided a GH₵232,000 shea butter processing facilities for the Kanibisi and Sheaga communities in Talensi District of the Upper East Region. The facilities will enable women in beneficiary communities process shea nuts and take advantage of shea butter trade to improve and diversify their livelihoods.

Commissioning the processing facilities at Kanibisi, National Director of World Vision Ghana Mr. Dickens Thunde said the projects were initiatied in response to study reports of the untapped potential of shea to meet market demand for shea butter.

Mr. Thunde explained that participating women already had local knowledge and skills in sheat nut and shea butter processing. Additional provided by World Vision Ghana was to enable participating women add value and acquire best practices in the field so they could take advantage of growing global demand for shea butter, especially from Ghana.

World Vision ghana is therefore supporting both communities with shea processing centres to facilitate the production of shea butter and other value-added shea products such as pomades and lotions in commercial quantities to empower the women economically and provide their children life in all its fullness.

Australia High Commissioner to Ghana Mr. Andrew Barnes commended the project for its commitment to ensuring financial inclusion for women economic empowerment. Mr. Barnes said the Australia government will continue to support the agricultural sector of Northern Ghana to improve food production and economic growth, especially for women.

Credits: – Frederick Awuni