membership of aistiphi communities

Become part of Our Commonwealth of Goodwillâ„¢


Aistiphi Communities is a big tent. There’s always room at the table of goodwill and charity for businesses and organizations to fit. We provide a vast array of memberships to choose from. Please find out which member community best fits your CSR brand or community service profile and sign up for membership of the relevant community. We are proud to have you on board Our Commonwealth of Goodwill and Community Serviceâ„¢.

The Aistiphi Communities

  • Aistiphi Business League – businesses and corporate foundations
  • International Partners – embassies and diplomatic representations, bilateral and multilateral institutions operating locally.
  • Aistiphi Nonprofit Charities – NGOs, CBOs and other social charities
  • Aistiphi Religious Institutions – religious and faith-based organizations
  • Aistiphi Clubs & Associations – clubs, societies, networks and civic group
  • Aistiphi Professionals Impact – registered professional bodies
  • Aistiphi Diaspora Community – organizations of citizens resident abroad
  • Aistiphi Public Services – public agencies and institutions
  • Aistiphi Alumni Unlimited – alumni networks and year groups
  • Aistiphi Elite Community – stars, celebrities and cultural icons
  • Aistiphi Giant Futures – pre-k, primary and junior high schools
  • Aistiphi Changemakers – senior high and other second cycle schools
  • Aistiphi Collegiate Community – universities and higher ed institutions